Gathering Grounds Review   

A hidden gem that is more than just a latte 

By Baylee Toney, Staff Writer   



Every town needs a quaint, warm environment to read a book, write an essay, or simply enjoy a warm and frothy latte. For small town Klamath Falls, that place is the Gathering Grounds Roastery.  

Gathering Grounds has been blowing away customers with its outstanding customer service, diverse and freshly roasted coffee beans, and inviting atmosphere since 2014.  

Although the modern café is located in downtown, it is unlike the average coffee shops Klamath Falls residents may be accustomed to. The café is passionate about bringing diversity to their menu as well as their atmosphere. Customers feel like they are in a city like Bend, Portland, or Seattle, where drinking coffee can be considered a hobby.   

The Gathering Grounds menu is one of the most appealing aspects of the four-year-old café. Whether a customer is craving a root beer float or a macchiato, the assorted menu can appeal to the cravings of just about anyone. In addition to the variety of warm and cold drink options, the delicious eats cannot be overlooked.   

Paninis, pastries, parfaits, and the famous breakfast sandwich are what complete the versatile menu that has become a hit within the community.   

The coffee house is most admired for their assortment of beans that are roasted freshly and locally in-house at the South 11th Street location. The different bean blends give each customer the luxury of customizing their drink to their exact preference, which makes for an incredible latte.   

Any of the roasts that are served behind the counter are also available to be purchased whole bean and by the pound. And just when customers couldn’t love the coffee shop any more, there have been rumors of whole bean delivery options being made available in the near future, which could make Gathering Grounds that much more unique.   

Along with the menu, the atmosphere of the café is inviting and comfortable which makes the café the perfect place to relax and linger over a cup of coffee and a good book. The espresso filled aroma entwined with the acoustic playlist creates an ambiance that could surpass any of the more popular, chain coffee shops.   

The downtown espresso bar is worth the visit. The staff is welcoming and approachable, the coffee is incapable of being anything less than satisfying, and the friendly environment is without competition. It is much more than a café, it is a space that allows its customers to be a part of something special that cannot be found anywhere else in Klamath Falls.   


Gathering Grounds’s hours are Monday-Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and is closed on Sundays.  


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