Gino's Restaurant Food Review

Matthew Perrapato

Staff Writer

Gino’s Restaurant has been serving up Italian cuisine in downtown longer than some students at Oregon Tech have been alive. Opened in 1985, Gino’s proclaims itself to be Klamath Falls’ only Italian restaurant, and has had decent success.

I went there in the early afternoon to get some lunch with my friend Gene Kailiuli. We both had different kinds of sandwiches, since it seemed like a good lunch food and filling enough. I got the “Italian Cowboy” sandwich, with capicola ham, salami, provolone, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion, with a side of french fries and a soda. Gene got a hot pastrami sandwich with pastrami, swiss, pickles, and mayo with seasoned fries and a soda. While we were there, we had a lot of fun just sitting in the booth and looking at the decorations. Gene told me, “I really love the décor. The booths are really nice and every one of them has a little anecdote about the place.”

I enjoyed being there in general since it felt out of the ordinary and unique. Gene and I kept ourselves occupied for the few minutes it took for our sandwiches to be made by looking around the gift shop, and enjoying the fish tank. Once we got our food, it was clear to me that it was more than the fish tank that kept people coming back. For around $10, I got a full meal in the form of a good Italian sandwich like one that I had grown up on. You know it’s good when conversation stops once food arrives, and being hungry college students that we are, Gene and I had no choice but to shut up and eat.

Gene tried part of my Italian cowboy sandwich, and said, “I really liked it, it’s only like a buck fifty more than the one I got, and that was way better. You definitely get what you pay for, but the hot pastrami was good too.”

Overall, I was more than happy with my late lunch. They had reasonable prices for the portion sizes, and they have a lot more on their menu to try. I am more than happy to go and try more Italian style food from there, and they serve breakfast burritos as well. I would recommend going there for a change of pace if you’re looking for a bite off campus, or to hang out with friends. Gino’s is located on 147 East Main street in downtown Klamath.

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