Get Lost in “La La Land.”

Baylee Toney and Nohea Waiwaiole

Staff Writers

The newly released PG-13 musical and romantic comedy stars Emma Stone as the struggling actress, Mia, and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian, the aspiring jazz musician, whose love story takes place in Los Angeles.

The two meet when they are both down on their luck in their careers and personal lives. Eventually they spark an unlikely romance and attempt to push each other to reach their dreams by trying to navigate through life and their relationship with song and dance. The movie symbolizes the importance of faith, hope, and risk when pursuing your greatest dreams through the use of sound and color,.

Both actors step out of their comfort zones by portraying loveable and relatable roles in a genre that is completely new to them. It is obvious that the actors have experience working together, as they were leads in the romantic comedy, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” in July of 2011.

Ryan Gosling received the award for best actor and Emma Stone received the award for best actress at the Golden Globes. “La La Land” was nominated for and won seven categories at the 2016 Golden Globes, including Best Motion Picture. Expected to sweep several Oscar awards as well, it has been nominated for eleven different categories.

We would recommend the movie to anyone who appreciates an old classical musical, but with a unique twist on modern romance. We would give “La La Land” an A for its fresh take on love and its unique charm.

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