This Is Us Review 

New TV Drama becomes one of the most loved shows on TV today 

Baylee Toney, Staff Writer 


The drama and comedy, “This Is Us”, first premiered in September 2016 and rapidly developed into one of the most adored shows on television today. 


Screenwriter Dan Fogelman (from “Crazy, Stupid, Love”) did not take long to get a dedicated audience to follow along this heartstring-tugging dramedy. The dramedy became the first scripted show in 13 years to secure the number one spot with 17.776 million viewers. Fogelman is most well-known for using his storylines to connect to the heart of his audience, and "This Is Us" is yet another one of his great works that has done just that. 


The show opens by introducing us to four characters who share the same birthday. The first is Jack, who is played by the crooked-smile hunk, Milo Ventimiglia. He is the husband of the adored Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca. Jack can easily be described as every wife’s dream husband. He is the romantic, passionate, inspiring husband that every woman wants (and maybe that is why so many couples are watching). Their tv marriage connects to many couples through a portrayal of love that is challenging and frustrating, yet beautiful and fun. 


The audience gets a snippet of each characters' lives in the pilot and viewers get to know each one. The one and only birthday girl, Kate, is an obese woman who lives alone and leaves notes on her fridge and mirrors to remind herself to avoid high-calorie foods and to exercise. Viewers are quickly able to see that there is a struggle for weight loss and confidence within Kate, who is played by Chrissy Metz. 


One of the two birthday boys, Kevin, is shown having a rough birthday as he struggles with an identity crisis surrounding his role as an actor and the main character in a sitcom. This role is played by Justin Hartley, and offers a relatable aspect to the cast in that he is a man who is searching for significance and meaning in his life. 


The last birthday boy, Randall, is played by Sterling K. Brown. The audience gets to know Randall as a corporate professional with a wife and two kids whose life is well put together. Though within seconds of being introduced to this character, he is seen spending his birthday in search of his own birth father who abandoned him at a fire station when he was born. We later find out that Rebecca and Jack are his adoptive parents. 


Fogelman intertwines the lives between each character in a story that is heartbreaking, relatable, joyful, sad, happy, and everything in-between. The characters become so relatable that a viewer of any age in any stage of life can find comfort and hope through their stories. 


The show exhibits the truth of how painful, messy, and imperfect life is, offering characters who are going through disappointment and grief similar to what many people today are battling. It shows the value in family, friendship, and support. "This Is Us" finds a way to bring comfort in the midst of pain, and closure in places where the characters and viewers may feel burdened. There are episodes that make you laugh, cry, and sometimes both simultaneously. 

This Is Us gets 5/5 stars for its heartwarming storyline and its relatable characters. The show is played on NBC Tuesdays 9/8c after The Voice. 


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