Thai, Thai again 

A review of Klamath Falls’ Thai Orchid restaurant 

By Matthew Perrapato, Staff Writer 


I went to Thai Orchid on main street with my friend Jacob Kernohan, and was happy with the experience.  

This was not the first time either of us had been to Thai Orchid, so both of us decided to branch out a bit in our orders. I ordered a Pad Phet Green Bean (number thirty-seven) with chicken, and Jacob decided to try their Drunken Noodles (number seventy-six) also with chicken.  

Thai Orchid’s cozy interior is perfect on a cool fall day, Photo by Jacob Kernohan

Thai Orchid’s cozy interior is perfect on a cool fall day, Photo by Jacob Kernohan

While we were waiting, I looked around the restaurant. It was lightly decorated with paper lanterns, which I thought was nice, and the atmosphere did not feel forced. We did not have to wait long for our food to be served, and we both dug in.  

The Pad Phet Green Bean dish completely filled my plate but not to the point that I would have needed to skip lunch to eat it. I had ordered my dish with a side of white rice, which, after making room next to my dinner, went really well with the sauce.  

I am a fan of spicier food, and I really enjoyed how spicy it was. For those who are not a fan of spicy food, the rice can cut the spice pretty significantly.  

Jacob said that his dish was “very tasty, a little oily, but I think that was minor. It was a bit spicier than I was expecting, but still good.”  

Jacob and I both agreed that my dish was the spicier one, so if you enjoy spicy food, I would highly recommend the Pad Phet.  

I was really happy with the experience, and if I hadn’t been so concentrated on eating all of the meat on my plate, which was delicious, I would have had enough for a snack to take home. In my opinion, the $14 I spent for the plate was worth the one and a half meals it would provide me, and was a welcome change from the marketplace.  

The service was really friendly, so I left a 15% tip, bringing me up to $16 for a dinner out. If you’re worried about the cost, sides of rice are free at lunchtime and they do serve to go, making it a great place to stop at, grab a bite, and get back to class for a relatively cheap price.  

Jacob says that based on his meal he’d give it a 7/10 for the food he has had in Klamath Falls, while I’d give it an 8/10 – highly recommended.  

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