The Shape. Michael Myers. 

“Halloween”, John Carpenter’s 1978 horror movie, is considered the first true slasher film and is well known. The hit movie has a total of six sequels and is has one of the most divided fanbases in the horror movie genre. Carpenter’s newest continuation of the franchise, “Halloween (2018)” puts all previous sequels into the background. 

Black Panther was probably my favorite introduction movie in the Marvel series yet. It was well written, and even though there was lots of new information to digest, audiences were able to infer most of what was not directly said pretty easily. The movie accomplished more than just introducing a character, even without cameos from already established characters.

Love, Simon is a heartwarming and inspiring story about a teenage boy (Nick Robinson) who is struggling with the fact that he is gay and has yet to tell his friends or family. Though it may seem that he lives a completely normal teenage life, he deals with the everyday obstacles of being a high school student while trying to navigate his secret love life.

Horror films are commonly dependent on three factors for success. The first is sound design. A good score can heighten tension, but more important is the use of silence, and allowing the audience to imagine what is going on around the characters that they cannot hear. The second is concealing the monster, a la Alien or Jaws; you do not see the antagonist very often in either film, mostly due to technical limitations of the time, but only rarely seeing the monster allows the audience to fill in the gaps of its horrifying appearance, even if (in the case of Alien) it is literally a man in a rubber suit.

The Green Blade Bakery is a family-run bakery that specializes in artisan breads made using a natural leavening method, as well as offers a variety of pastries, and café beverages fresh daily. I have never had something that I did not like here, and I certainly have some favorites.  

Godslave ( is a webcomic by Meaghan Carter about a college dropout named Edith who becomes entangled in the world of modern Egyptian gods. It is a comic that makes full use of visual and storytelling elements, backed up by engaging characters.  

Blade Runner 2049 is a science-fiction noir film directed by Denis Villeneuve, who also directed 2016’s science fiction film Arrival, and the action/suspense drug war film, Sicario. It is the sequel to the original Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford, over thirty years after the original film’s release in 1982. 

The drama/history film follows the true story of the African-American trio of women whose brains were the platform for one of NASA’s most complex operations of launching John Glenn into orbit during the Space Race.

Gino’s Restaurant has been serving up Italian cuisine in downtown longer than some students at Oregon Tech have been alive. Opened in 1985, Gino’s proclaims itself to be Klamath Falls’ only Italian restaurant, and has had decent success.

This article contains spoilers for the show 13 Reasons Why, but the last two paragraphs summarize my opinion and are spoiler-free.

13 Reasons Why is a realistic drama set in high school showing how people move on after student Hannah Baker chose to take her own life.