Opportunities at the Ragland 

Students can perform and volunteer with the Ross Ragland Theater 

Brette Bliss, Copy Editor 


The Ross Ragland Theater offers a variety of shows for students to see and perform in, as well as provides volunteer opportunities through the Ross Ragland Theaters Guild. The Ragland is a 1940’s movie theater that has been converted into a performing arts venue on 218 N Seventh St, downtown.  

Students and community members are encouraged to audition for community productions. According to the Programs Manager, Samantha Burris, “anyone can audition [as performers] or volunteer to help backstage to be crew if they don’t want to be on stage.” Students can also volunteer with the guild. 

The Ragland Guild is a group of over 100 individuals that staff all events. Volunteers help with ushering or concessions during live performances. According to the Ragland's website, the guild “provides thousands of volunteer hours each year." 

Volunteering “is a fun opportunity to see shows that they [students] might not be able to afford to see,” said Burris. Volunteering is also an opportunity to get community service hours for personal or club use. The Ragland has 27 events planned through August that students can volunteer for through the guild.  

The 2017-2018 event and performance lineups are available on the Ragland website. Some upcoming shows are the Golden Dragon Acrobats on January 18 and LeAnn Rimes on January 21. Upcoming Theatrical performances are James and the Giant Peach in July and the Wizard of Oz in August.  

Auditions for the Wizard of Oz will be at the end of May. The dates are not finalized and will be announced on the Ragland Facebook page, in the Herald and News, and via contact with the theater’s box office.  

Commitment to shows includes nine weeks of rehearsals. Rehearsals increase in length and frequency as the performance date grows closer. Tech and backstage crew volunteers should expect to commit to the last two to three weeks of rehearsals, as well as performances.  

Pricing for shows vary depending on who or what the performance is. Students should expect higher profile performers or performers to cost more per ticket. Burris said the theater has a special offer for Oregon Tech and KCC students “to purchase a ticket to four shows for $40.”  

The Ragland is non-profit, and the money raised and earned through events, donations, and performances goes towards running and improving the theater, as well offering various educational and assistance programs to local kids and families. 

Students can find more information for upcoming shows, events, volunteering, and auditions on The Ross Ragland Theater Facebook page and their website at rrtheater.org.  

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