On April 21 at 9 a.m., at Sugarman’s Corner, the Great Outdoor Alliance hosted Sustainapalooza, an outdoor event focused on bringing attention to sustainability issues, especially water pollution from storm drains.

After months of uncertainty regarding whether recycling would continue in Klamath County, commissioners voted to increase the fee and keep the service. The unanimous vote happened April 5 and increased the recycling fee by $1.22 per person for curbside recycling.

The Blue Zones Project (BZP) celebrated its second anniversary in Klamath Falls on March 12, 2018. They have become ingrained in the Klamath County community since their official launch in 2016 and plan to stay for at least three more years.

As Winter term gets further underway, it is easy to hole up in your room and stress about upcoming exams, papers, and assignments. When you need to get out of your academic slump, Klamath Falls has many opportunities for students to get out, get active, and get social. 

The Ross Ragland Theater offers a variety of shows for students to see and perform in, as well as provides volunteer opportunities through the Ross Ragland Theaters Guild. The Ragland is a 1940’s movie theater that has been converted into a performing arts venue on 218 N Seventh St, downtown.  

After writing an extensive article about TRU Day, which I am sure all of you read and enjoyed immensely, it seemed inappropriate to back out and say, “This is important, but it is for other people to handle.” So I put my money where my pen is and volunteered, along with about eight others, to make the long road trip up to Salem.

On May 16 I accompanied a few other Oregon Tech students to attend the Technical and Regional Universities (TRU) Day at the Oregon State Capitol. Students from Oregon Tech, Southern Oregon University, Eastern Oregon University, and Western Oregon University, all came together to meet with legislatures and advocate on behalf of TRU schools in support of state funding for our public universities.