A New Era of Learning

Oregon Tech students can rent and buy online textbooks

Amy Morikawa, Staff Writer


The increasing popularity of E-books is providing Oregon Tech students with more convenient and affordable options for learning and has also contributed to reducing the average rate of student spending in colleges across the nation.

Oregon Tech continues to expand its learning resources and is trending towards online textbooks. The university is collaborating with BryteWave, a corporation that provides a wide selection of digital textbooks to students across the nation. Currently, Oregon Tech students have access to approximately 100,000 different publications from over 150 different companies.

Online text books are proving to be significantly more affordable than traditional textbooks. According to the Oregon Tech Website, students can save 60 percent on text books by purchasing E-book versions.

For example, students taking Psychology 201 could buy a physical copy of the required textbook for $197.75, or they could purchase the same book in digital format for $93.25.

Digital textbooks are simple to navigate and have a variety of tools such as the highlight feature and search tool that make studying easier. Online materials can be downloaded and used virtually anywhere and at any time. Depending on the publisher and e-book provider, the text can also be opened on devices ranging from computers and tablets to iPhones and other smartphones.

To buy or rent digital textbooks, students can go online to the Oregon Tech Bookstore (https://www.bkstr.com/oregonitstore/home) and search for their required course material. Before purchasing an E-book, students can get a sample of the text to see if they like the structure and features of BryteWave content. It can be purchased or rented through the bookstore and students are granted access to the material. Additionally, students who own or rent multiple online materials can easily organize their books to fit their needs.

While BryteWave is directly affiliated with the university, students are not limited to this company if they find they do not like its format. Amazon is another popular resource for buying and renting textbooks and has E-books available as well.

Free PDF versions of physical textbooks are an additional option. An example of free online textbooks is the Math 112 text published by Oregon Tech Professor Randall Paul that can be accessed on his website. Text that is open domain is also free to the public.

In a 2016-2017 National Association of College Stores report on student attitudes towards course material, students are spending 17 percent less on course materials since 2007. The growing popularity of E-books provides students with more affordable options.

A New Style of Learning 

A New Style of Learning 

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