A Foreign Perspective

International Students Weigh in on Oregon Tech

By Matthew Perrapato, Staff Writer

Although the majority of students at Oregon Tech are from the United States, the campus is diverse. There are dozens of flags hanging over the CU, each representing a different country that has had an international student come from there. But how is life at Oregon Tech for international students? Saleh Ashumrani, a Software Engineering student from Arabia; Justin Maloney, a Renewable Energy student from Barbados; and Junmin Yee, a Software Engineering student from Malaysia all gave their opinions.

When asked how they liked Klamath Falls, Ashumrani said, “I like the outdoors, and that it’s a smaller city. Before I lived in Klamath, I lived in Los Angeles, so it’s less polluted.” Maloney said, “I like Klamath, aside from the weather. The scenery is nice and the air is quite possibly cleaner.” “Klamath Falls is definitely smaller than my hometown,” said Yee, “I enjoy the lack of traffic, but it’s a lot colder here.”

When asked how he liked Oregon Tech as opposed to other schooling they’d received, Ashumrani said, “I like the schooling. At home you have to take a year of various subjects before you can specialize and here I get a lot more choice.” Maloney said, “College feels a lot different here, the standard feels a bit higher. Overall college feels more hectic here, but more high quality in terms of what I’m learning.” Yee said “I’ve lived in 8 countries and gone to international schools all over the place, I think they prepared me well for college, and I’m really interested in my core classes.”

When asked how hard it has been to make friends here, Ashumrani said, “It’s not that hard to make friends here, though the cultural difference may impact it a little. After the first few months, it’s definitely easier to get into the college culture and make friends.” Maloney said, “It’s been easy to make friends for the most part. I’ve gotten to know many of my classmates and I’ve made many friends in the club I’m in, the Oregon Tech Gaming Society.” Yee said, “People have been very hard working no matter where I’ve been and people are more alike than different. It’s not hard to find people I can relate with and hang out with.”

Oregon Tech has had a lot of success with its international students. Saleh, Justin, and Junmin are all largely successful students at Oregon Tech, having showed prowess in class and out. International students bring a great foreign perspective to Oregon Tech that should not be overlooked, and continuing to make them feel welcome is the least we can do.

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