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Baylee Toney 

Staff Writer 

Oregon Tech is now offering a Masters program in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT).

With this Masters in Science, students will be both trained in psychotherapy and in family systems. The three year program will teach students all of the tools necessary to be a good, empathetic therapist.

The goal of Family-based therapy is to apply a holistic perspective to mental health. Struggles and concerns of clients are viewed from a relationship perspective in which the general goal is to improve the overall long-term well-being of individuals and their families.

Dr. Borgen, a Psychology professor at Oregon Tech, plans to collaborate with the MFT program. “I think students that are interested in how change in relationships can change lives would do well in the MFT program.”

The hands-on curriculum at Oregon Tech covers a wide array of courses that will assist in preparation for a career in mental health care. Some of the courses include: Trauma and Recovery, Medical Family Therapy in Rural Areas, Sexuality and Therapy, Child and Adolescent Therapy, and Couples Therapy.

Oregon Tech’s MS MFT program will allow students to become prepared for clinical practice in community settings such as agencies, schools, healthcare entities, and independent practice. Curriculum will embrace personal skills and professional development to ensure the highest quality of care to clients. The program will also help students to develop skills specific to the challenges and rewards that come with providing mental health care services in rural areas.

“I have learned a wealth of new information regarding marriage and family therapy as well as encouraging things about myself and how I will be able to use some of my life skills to be a good therapist,” said student Angela Salzwedel Kemp.

Once an MS in MFT is completed at Oregon Tech, students will be required to complete a minimum of two years of full-time supervised clinical experience as approved by the state board. Once the clinical experience is completed, students must pass the national examination for the MFT license as well as the Oregon state law and rules exam. Oregon Tech faculty and clinical supervisors will support and mentor students during post graduate clinical work as well as licensing exam preparation.

An MS in MFT can lead you to a career in a variety of different areas of counseling. Post-clinical work, students can pursue a career in schools, private practice, social service agencies, medical centers and hospitals, health insurance organizations, and even churches and religious settings.

“We are looking for motivated and kind people who care and are empathetic toward human beings,” said Salzwedel Kemp.

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