Changes for CAB

Campus Activities Board is looking for more event planners 

Brette Bliss, Copy Editor 


The Campus Activities Board (CAB) began the academic year with one member and several positions to be filled. CAB organizes events for on and off-campus students throughout the academic year. 

The CAB Student Manager, Alexander Parsley, said they have done some recent hiring to compensate for the loss of members from the previous year.  They have hired three students as event planners in the past few weeks, and are still looking for two or three more. 



Student members come from a variety of majors. Current members are CSET, mechanical engineering, and medical imaging students.  

Parsley said they have recently changed the way CAB is organized. In the past the group used traditional club positions, but found the positions did not suit the group dynamic. 

"Formal positions weren't as needed in our group as far as how we function, we are very free flowing ... having the official titles wasn't necessary for us," said Parsley. 

Event planners attend meetings to help plan events, acquire needed supplies and materials, help host, and prepare and clean up at events. All CAB events are hosted on campus. 

Parsley became a part of CAB two years ago as their sound tech and made the move to student manager/director for his third year. He said members generally move up the longer they stick around. 

CAB's major events include Chris Jones (a hypnotist that competed on America's Got Talent,) the Black Out party, and the end of the year Music Garden.  

One of CAB's largest events is the Black Out party after the Black Out Hunger Night basketball game during Spirit Week. They also give out prizes during Spirit Week.  

Their largest event of the year is the Music Garden in the spring that hosts live music, food, games, and activities. 

Parsley also said CAB is changing the way they plan events.  

"We are doing a little bit of a shift as far as how we are doing our events. So typically, we used to do our events every two weeks and we are going to try to shift that to once a month and try to put on larger events."  

For students interested in becoming an event planner, pick up a general Campus Life application in the Campus Life office. Check CAB on the application and turn it back in to Campus Life. There is also a simple interview process. 

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